The Engagement or Pre-Wedding Photo shoot


I wanted to create this little blog post to highlight a few reasons why I love to photograph the engagement shoot. Please find below five reasons for the importance of these sessions –


Reason One – Some time to escape –


The engagement shoot is a perfect time for you both to spend some quality time together away from all the organizing and plans for your big day. I make the session very relaxed, informal and more importantly – fun! We pick a location that has a connection to you, this could be your favourite walk or a location that is special. The session doesn’t last too long and we pause along the walk to take a few images of you, incorporating the scenery or features of the surroundings.

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Reason Two – A chance to relax in front of the camera –


I appreciate how daunting it can be having a photographer pointing a camera at you, so this session is a great opportunity to spend some time in front of the lens to feel comfortable, after a while most people forget I am even there. As you can see my style of photography is very relaxed and informal, I want you both to feel comfortable so we don’t do any ‘staged’ shots. It’s also a good excuse to give your fiancé a kiss and a cuddle!

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Reason Three – Creating the bond with the photographer –


This session gives you both time to see how I work and photograph and helps to speed up time on your wedding day to give you both the maximum time to enjoy your special day.

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Reason Four – Capturing your connection –


It gives me time to see how you both interact so I can capture the real connection between you both in your images, on your engagement session and on your wedding day. You are more than welcome to bring along any props, for example flowers, hats, wellies etc and choose clothing that is suitable for the time of year or location and is a true representation of you.


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Reason Five – Creating images –


The engagement session creates many images that can be used for different parts of your wedding, they are ideal for a Signature board on your Wedding day, for your guests to sign and wish you happy memories and often many of my clients use these images for their ‘Save the Date’ or ‘Thank you cards’, it adds a nice personal touch.


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If you like what I do and my style of photography and would like to have a chat about an engagement shoot – then send me a message on my contact page or give me a call anytime .


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