In our home we have a little staircase which we turned into our photo wall – this wall is covered with images of our lovely friends and family on their wedding days….. every time I look at it I smile, and see something new I’ve not spotted before. We have photo’s of friends who only got married a few weeks ago through to our great-great grandparents who we never met, but we feel that bit closer to them seeing their smiling faces at us every day. It’s also great to see how fashion and the quality of photographs have progressed during the last century.  When we have our friends over for dinner, we often loose them for a couple of minutes and catch them looking at our collection of photographs….

This wall has become our own little bit of history and reminds me to not let images and memories live on our computers, but to print them off and turn them into something special for everyone to share.



Jon Turtle - Wedding Photographer - Penarth_1


Jon Turtle - Wedding Photographer - Penarth_2




Jon Turtle - Wedding Photographer - Penarth_4






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